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"Your  heart knows the way.    Run in that direction".  -Rumi

Welcome to Yolotli Counseling, where we understand the intricate connection between the mind, heart, and body – known as the mind-heart-body connection. Your heart plays a vital role in your overall well-being, and at Yolotli Counseling, we're dedicated to helping you alleviate the weight of life's burdens.

Our goal is to support you in breaking through barriers that prevent your heart from feeling whole and connected to your inner self. With our compassionate approach, we guide you towards lightening the heaviness you carry. Welcome to a place where your heart matters.



Are you facing challenges such as: 

  • Struggling with cultural identity: Feeling torn between cultural heritage and assimilation, leading to isolation
    and confusion.

  • Sense of displacement: Uncertainty about belonging, resulting in loneliness and insecurity.

  • Conflicting societal messages: Dealing with stereotypes and discrimination, impacting self-esteem and mental health.

  • Family expectations: Pressure to fulfill family dreams, causing stress and guilt.

  • Impostor syndrome: Feeling inadequate in career pursuits, hindering confidence and success.


At Yolotli Counseling, we recognize the unique struggles you face and are here to provide support. It's essential to prioritize your well-being and seek assistance when the burdens become overwhelming. Take the first step towards empowerment by reaching out to us through the contact button, calling (909) 307-4605, or emailing Yolotli Counseling is dedicated to serving individuals like you with empathy and expertise. Let us help you navigate through these challenges and reclaim your sense of confidence and belonging.

My Approach

Brenda    P Melgoza, LMFT

Therapy wasn't a concept I encountered until my early 20s, when I felt an inner longing but couldn't quite put it into words. As a survivor of complex trauma and a child of Mexican immigrants, seeking help wasn't something that came naturally. In our culture, we're taught to keep our problems within the family, and there's a saying: "Calladita te vez mas bonita" or "Silence looks prettier on you." We turn to our relatives – tios, tias, parents, or abuelos – rather than seeking help from strangers.

My early experiences with therapists were disheartening. They felt cold, detached, and judgmental – not the kind of support I needed. Determined to make a difference, I set out to be the opposite: warm, compassionate, empathetic, and vulnerable. I strive to create a safe space where you can open up without fear of judgment. Let's walk this journey together with empathy, understanding, and honesty.

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